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FACE Pre-Congress Course

London Aesthetic Facial Anatomy Cadaver Course

One day prior to FACE Conference, we host an Aesthetic Facial Anatomy Cadaver Course aimed at teaching aesthetic non-surgical procedures through a hands-on, interactive teaching method. Opt for a VIP or FULL pass, and add the pre-congress course during the registration process. You can also enroll in the pre-congress course only.

  • Learn facial anatomy
  • Practice Hands-On Cadaver dissection
  • Get Certified from the University College London

11 July 2024

Limited to 25 seats

From £1790

Charles Wolfson Centre

The London Aesthetic Facial Anatomy Cadaver Course, directed by internationally renowned plastic surgeons Profs/Drs Mosahebi and Pirayesh, integrates the Anatomy Cadaver Course with an immersive hands-on dissection experience.

With a wealth of experience totaling thousands of interventions, they designed this course to teach Aesthetic Non-surgical procedures with an interactive approach, complemented by hands-on practical sessions.

With their team of instructors and the intimate setting, this course promises personalized attention and maximum engagement as participants learn the complexities of facial anatomy. This immersive experience includes hands-on practical sessions with latex dye vascular injected, fresh frozen cadaver specimens, providing participants with both knowledge and practical skills to ensure the safety and success of aesthetic procedures for their patients.

Afshin Mosahebi MD, PhD, MBA
Professor of Plastic Surgery
University College London
London , United Kingdom

Ali Pirayesh MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery
University College London
Amsterdam, London & Zurich

Pre-Congress Course Venue

The course will take place in Charles Wolfson Centre (CWC) that is located on the lower ground (LG) floor of the Royal Free Hospital.  
Pond Street, Hampstead
NW3 2QG, London, England

5 Reasons to join the London Aesthetic Facial Anatomy Cadaver Course


Master Facial Anatomy for Safe Aesthetic Procedures 


Learn from the best certified Plastic Surgeons or Dermatologists 


Get Certified from the University College London 


Enroll in a science-focused course, entirely free from industry influence


Interact in small groups of 25 participants

FACE Pre-Congress Accreditation

Why you can't miss FACE this year

Dr. Ferial Fanian,

Dr. Javier Beut,
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Who Can Attend this Course

This anatomical course is tailored for fully licensed medical doctors and residents currently undergoing training, dentists and nurses who are authorized to practice non-invasive and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments in their respective countries. Justifications and authorization are required for enrollment.

Learn in small groups , only 5 seats left!

Programme Highlights

Anatomy essentials

  • Gain comprehensive insights into the essential anatomical layers and structures of the human face.
  • Identify crucial facial landmarks, nerves, arteries, and danger zones to minimize the risk of complications.
  • Understand the spatial relationships between anatomical structures and their implications for aesthetic treatments.

Hands-On Learning

  • Explore facial anatomical structures on 6 zones: Central Forehead, Temple Area, Tear trough, Nose, Cheeks, Perioral
  • Administer filler material into cadaver specimens, allowing for the observation of tissue interactions and enhancement of skills in precise filler placement.
  • Participate in dissection at the course's conclusion to gain a deeper understanding of facial anatomy.

Safety & confidence

  • Develop a keen awareness of potential complications and learn strategies for their prevention and management.
  • Gain the confidence to perform aesthetic procedures with precision and safety, ensuring optimal outcomes for patients.

Meet the Course Instructors!

You are in good hands:

Prof. Dr. Dario Bertossi

Facial Plastic Surgeon,

Dr Javier Beut

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon Mallorca, Spain

Dr. Jonathan Britto

Consultant Plastic & Craniofacial Surgeon, UK

Dr. Ferial Fanian 

Paris , France

Dr. Rana Das Gupta

Consultant Plastic Surgeon, UK

Dr. Steve Hamilton

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, UK

Dr. Paul Harris

Plastic Surgeon,

Dr. Colin Morrison

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Ireland

Dr. Nima Naderi

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, UK

Dr. Anne-Marie Olsen


Dr. Souphiyeh Samizadeh

Dental Surgeon, UK

Dr. Alexander Zargaran

Plastic Surgery Registrar, UK