23-24 June 2023 • InterContinental London - the O2


World-Class Conference Programme

Building on 19 years of experience, FACE Conference is today the UK's premier aesthetic medicine conference featuring the latest clinical findings, advanced techniques, tips, and updates in the world of Aesthetics.

At FACE Conference, we provide in-depth insights through 150 scientific sessions in six conference theatres delivered by 100+ leading experts.

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Eight Scientific Agendas

In-depth training on core segments of the non-surgical marketplace

The Injectables Agenda at FACE takes the crown for being the most
comprehensive injectables programme in the UK
and will run fully over Friday 17 & Saturday 18.
Focussing on the knowledge that injectors need for 2022 and beyond, the Injectables Agenda delves deep into the specifics of injection techniques to avoid nodules and keep safety at the forefront.

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Clear, healthy-looking skin is always in vogue, and today people are more conscious of this than ever. The Skin Agenda starts with a focus on scar management, looking into the effects of RF micro-needling, CO2 laser and light therapy for treatments. We will also have a series of talks on Dermatology 101 – how to spot the difference between certain skin conditions, which can often present similar symptoms yet have different root causes. 

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Compare and contrast the latest technology & devices in the
non-surgical market of aesthetic medicine. Our Equipment Agenda will kick off with a debate on the latest fat reduction devices on the market – heat vs. cooling, what actually works with scientific backing, and radiofrequency assisted lipolysis for combined contouring plus skin tightening.  Following this, we will dive into the world of lasers and energy-based devices. 

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Business is a critical aspect for any independent provider and is something you don’t learn in medical school. During this agenda, you’ll learn about how to build a patient-focussed practice, creating trust between you and your patients and determining the deciding factor in a patient’s journey. 

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The Hair Agenda at FACE brings together cutting-edge therapies and techniques to treat hair loss in men and women. Experts will share their knowledge on cell-based therapies, genetic testing, JAK inhibitors, the future of hair loss treatment and why education in trichology is so important. Sessions to note include “Why I prefer Linear Strip Excision in an FUE hair transplant world”, “JAK inhibitors - a miracle cure for treating alopecia areata” and “Where are we at with cloning for genetic hair loss”?

Who will be speaking on the Hair Agenda? Dr. Greg Williams
(Hair Transplant Surgeon, UK), Dr. Humayun Mohmand (Hair Transplant Surgeon, Pakistan), Dr. Iain Sallis (Trichologist, UK) among others.


The Threads Agenda at FACE is designed to help you choose the most appropriate thread for each treatment, learn how to best combine thread lifts with injectable treatments, and discover new
techniques. We will investigate absorbable and non-absorbable threads – comparing the ingredients, how threads can rejuvenate skin quality, reposition
soft tissues, and the ultimate way to lift sculpt the neck. We will be
including plenty of video demos in this agenda, so you can get a great visual representation on the insertion technique and what results you can expect to deliver your patients.

Who will be speaking on the Threads Agenda? Dr. Irfan Mian (Aesthetic Physician, UK), Dr. George Sulamanidze (Plastic Surgeon, Georgia), Prof. Syed Haq (Aesthetic Physician, UK), Prof. Christopher Rowland-Payne (Dermatologist, UK).

Genital Rejuvenation

Both for functional and cosmetic reasons, this is an important and growing sector within aesthetic medicine, meeting the intimate needs of women. The Genital Rejuvenation Agenda will be taking a close look at the anatomy of the external female genitalia and investigate case studies of various symptomatology & rejuvenation treatments. Sessions to bookmark include “non-surgical narrowing of the vaginal vestibule with Poly-DL-lactic fillers”, “HA in the Labia Majora: Helping your patients
from an Aesthetic and Functional View”.

Who will be speaking on the Genital Rejuvenation Agenda? Dr. Nadia Yousri (UK), Dr. Natalia Markova (Dermatologist, Czech Republic), Dr. Alex Bader (OB/GYN &
Cosmetic Gynaecologist UK), Dr. Hala Mahfoud (Aesthetic Surgeon, UK)
among others.  

Regenerative Medicine

A brand-new agenda at FACE, regenerative medicine is an exciting area of science that brings a lot of possibilities to the aesthetic medicine arena.  We will be looking into soft tissue regeneration, including adipose-derived stem cells for facial rejuvenation, the importance of nutrition regarding ageing and beauty and PRP. Some talks to look out for are: “Personalized Nutraceutical Approaches to Skin Health & Beauty”, “Combination of
Fractional laser CO2 and Platelet-Rich-Plasma as a method for skin rejuvenation” and “Patient-centred medical needling - tailoring by adding meso, PRP or autologous conditioned serum”.

Who will be speaking on the Regenerative Medicine Agenda? Dr. Mark Tager (Anti-Ageing Physician, USA), Dr. Kate Goldie (Aesthetic Physician, UK), Dr. Amalia Tsiatoura (Venereologist, Greece), Dr.
Agnieska Surowiecka (Cosmetic Surgeon, Poland) among others.

Sponsored Workshops and Exhibition

 Sponsored Workshops

Delegates will be offered to attend various exhibitor workshops to learn about the latest products and services available to the industry. Workshops include lectures, presentations and live demonstrations as well as targeted Q&A sessions at the end.


Our exhibition will boast over 100 brands from all over the world with many of them being unique to FACE Conference. Both industry leaders and start-ups will be running live demonstrations on their stands showcasing their latest products and services.

Injectables Agenda

The Injectables Agenda features a series of lectures on the use of hyaluronidase, which every injector should be skilled in, as well as a series on the use of ultrasound and robotic technology.  We also discuss the new extension of toxin duration – beyond increasing the dosage following some exciting developments in the pharmaceutical industry. Other topics featured are the battle of fat dissolving injections and combining fillers with lasers and biostimulators for an optimum result. Among our key speakers:

Dr. Michael A. C. Kane
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, USA

 - New extension of toxin duration: beyond increasing dose.

- Periorbital injectable rejuvenation by removing (not just adding) volume

Mr. Dalvi Humzah
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, UK

- Botulinum toxin as a topical treatment to reduce sweating

Prof. Dario Bertossi
Facial Plastic Surgeon

- Live demo - Ultrasound and robotic technology for filler injections: Indications & limitations.

- Advanced anatomy of nose & nasolabial region

Dr. Uliana Gout
Aesthetic Physician

- Concepts of Central Facial Triangle

Skin Agenda

Within the Skin Agenda, our experts will dive into treating patients with skin of colour, looking into the anatomical and histological differences in the skin and managing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  The International Peeling Society (IPS) will also join us for an Advanced Masterclass complete
with video demos to tackle a myriad of skin concerns. Among our key speakers:

Dr. Michael Gold

 - Light and laser for
multi-model scar management

Dr. Stefanie Williams

- Adult acne versus rosacea – how to tell the difference

Dr. Ifeoma Ejikeme
Aesthetic Physician

- Managing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation in skin

Dr. Xavier Goodarzian
Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Physician, UK

- Skin restoration with medium and deep chemical peels

Equipment Agenda

Sessions to look out for are: “Synchronous ultrasound parallel beam technology for lifting eyebrow skin and lifting lax submental and neck skin” and “Augmented scarless skin surgery: introducing an immunity gun for the specific targeting of cellular lesions”.
Among our key speakers:

Dr. Rita Rakus
Aesthetic Physician

- Skin tightening - what’s new and where to start

Dr. Patrick Chong
Vascular Surgeon

- Advances in varicose vein care - What can patients expect in 2022-23

Dr. Rachna Murthy
Aesthetic & Plastic Surgeon

- Enhanced safety with augmented reality: avoidance and management of vascular filler complications

Dr. Afsheen Bilal 

- Uses of pico laser beyond tattoo removal in dermatology

Business Agenda

In this agenda, practical tips & tricks will be given on how to navigate your way through the abundance of social media channels available, to showcase your brand and build a loyal clientele. Other topics covered are how you can use PR & events to your advantage and the importance of staff training and retention for your business. Among our key speakers:

Ms. Wendy Lewis
Marketing / Communication Consultant, UK

- Discussion with experts - marketing strategies that work

- Happy patients are the new Influencers

Dr. Anna Hemming
Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Physician, UK

- How to invest in the right services and equipment

Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar
Aesthetic Physician

- Discussion with experts - marketing strategies that work

- Utilising Instagram to build your brand, gain hundreds of thousands of followers and a loyal client base

Dr. Rashmi Shetty

- The deciding factor in a patients journey