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FACE Conference Sustainability Charter

for a Green FACE

We are aware of the environmental effects large scale conferences can have on the environment. Our teams are looking to combat the ecological impact of our event to provide you with a more sustainable FACE.

Here are some of the actions we are implementing for the FACE 2024 edition.


 an eco-responsible venue. 

6 steps towards saving the Planet:

  • Lighting – we can potentially reduce the amount of ceiling lights being used by only having every other light on and also during daylight hours in meeting rooms that have windows for natural daylight the lights could be turned off.
  • Air conditioning
    – A/C is one of the biggest energy consumption systems, if the client can agree to a comfort setting of 21degrees this would save a lot of wasted energy.
    – keeping doors closed in meeting rooms will allow the A/C to work more effectively and again would save a lot of energy’s we would only be supplying one room rather than one room and the surrounding areas.
  • Plastic – the biggest environmental issue the planet earth has today and if we can reduce, even by 50%, would make a massive difference to the wastage produced.
  • Paper – a reduction in the amount of paper used would also be of great benefit, in the day and age we are in every mobile phone or smart tablet has a notes function or more and this will be the way forward very soon in the future.
  • Printing – ink cartridges for printers are a massive problem as well as they are extremely unfriendly to the environment, recyclable ink cartridges should be used at all times


of Event Materials 

It is our goal to promote digital communication and finding new ways to optimize our event whilst limiting the printing of unnecessary documents. To do so, we will be implementing the following:

  • A unique digital platform and App - designed to enhance your experience at FACE and minimize printing, use our platform on your smartphone to access the program, floorplans, exhibition directory, browse abstracts and network.
  • Show Guide has been reduced in size and number of pages has been minimized.
  • New and improved green badges that will be created using significantly less paper and will no longer contain plastic.
  • No Conference Bags and physical marketing collateral will be distributed.
  • Attendees can download their certificate of attendance online after the event.

Sustainable Catering

& Food/Beverage Management 

Only locally sources products for lunch and coffee breaks. Seasonal organic produce will ensure that you receive food of the highest grade whilst also cutting emissions from the transport of imported goods.

Furthermore, we will no longer be providing plastic water bottles at the congress. Attendees will be able to use their own reusable bottle at one of our glass water fountains or take use of our glass cups.

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